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Tattoo Directory and ASC Tattoo Directory is the Worldwide Leader of information
about Tattoo, Piercing, Permanent Cosmetics and Vendors since 1973

Tattoo Directory has eight (8) easy to use directories to help you find accurate information.

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Tattoo Directory offers the most up-to-date information that is provided to us.
Our customized Studio Directory on Tattoo shop, Tattoo Shops, Tattoo Studio, Tattoo Studios, Tattoo Parlor and Tattoo Parlors make it easy to find local or worldwide locations. In each Directory you will find locations that have a link. This will link you to a unique MINI PAGE of a single location to give you additional information over and above the a listing (name, address, city, state/country, zip/post code and phone) information such as email, website link, fax and business card when available.

Piercing Directory makes available the up-to-date information on piercing shop, piercing shops, piercing studio, piercing studios, piercing parlor and piercing parlors. Piercing Directory contains listings and MINI PAGES.

Permanent Makeup Directory provides location information.

State Directory, Country Directory and City Directory cross references all listings and MINI PAGES information from other directories and is easy to use. Many people do not know the name of a location, but they know the state or country or the city the location is in. A list of cities is listed under each state - country. The city directory contains cities worldwide. These directories save you time in finding the information you are looking for.

Supply Directory makes it easy to find a supplier - vendor of the type of products that are used in Tattoo, Piercing and Permanent Makeup. Products from inks, machines, flash, insurance, and much much more is in the supply directory.

Organization Directory contains tattoo, piercing and permanent makeup organizations that assist each in keeping up with laws, health issues and training.

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